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yellow bolt, the OhmConnect symbol

When you reduce energy, OhmConnect rewards you.

It's easy. And free. For real.

Here's how it works

blue human icon with a plus to show OhmConnect connectivity


Power companies help us measure your energy reductions.

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We'll let you know when to use less energy with your new thermostat.

blue sack with a white dollar sign srepresenting OhmConnect rewards


Enter to win or redeem prizes just by using less energy. It's that simple.

Sound too good to be true?
We know.

Kristen Bell gets it.

Kristen Bell gets it.

When we hit $1000 in less than three months, I couldn't believe it. We've made this amount of money from something we didn't even know about a few weeks ago!

Michael E

“When we get notified that an #OhmHour is coming up, we make a plan to switch everything off and go out for a walk or a bike ride or a dinner somewhere - which is subsidized by what we earn from OhmConnect!"


“We were pretty energy efficient before we started OhmConnect - we have solar - but we saw this as a chance to do even more for the planet and maybe earn a little money at the same time."


And they are not alone.

Electricity usage duck curve OhmConnect

Timing is everything.

Reduce energy usage when the grid is stressed. We call these OhmHours.

OhmConnect SMS alerting for an OhmHour
OhmConnect product showing Watts earned
OhmConnect Watts amount counter counting up

Watts. All the rage.

The more energy you save during an OhmHour, the more Watts you earn.

OhmConnect product showing Watts earned
blue gift icon OhmConnect

Reap the rewards.

Use the Watts you earned to redeem rewards or exchange them for cash

phone screen showing the OhmConnect Wheel in the product
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Get rewarded for saving energy
Join us.

*Offer valid from May 19, 2021 to September 30, 2021.  Sign up for OhmConnect, connect your utility account, and become an active customer to be eligible to receive a free smart thermostat or other smart device. You must satisfy all conditions for eligibility (including connecting your new smart device to OhmConnect within 30 days of delivery), or you will be charged the purchase price for your selected smart device, which ranges from $19.99 to $169.99 MSRP.  Limit one offer per participating household. Available to new OhmConnect customers only. If you choose to receive a Google Nest thermostat, you must also agree to Google's Rush Hour Rewards Terms & Conditions. Cannot be combined with other offers. OhmConnect reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time. Terms and conditions apply.