Thousands of users near you are getting paid to save energy.
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since 03/2015
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Why do we need to connect to your utility?

In order for us to pay you for saving energy we need to measure and submit data about your electricity usage.  

This data must come from an official data feed from your utility.  

Once you log in to your utility account from OhmConnect you can provide us permission to receive your data.
Where does the money come from?

As California seeks to decrease carbon levels, the state has established programs to pay for proven energy reductions to avoid turning on dirty power plants.

OhmConnect unlocks this money for you by:

1. Monitoring the energy markets,
2. Alerting you when to reduce
3. Measuring and submitting your results
4. Paying you within days!

Save Energy. Get Paid.

Did you know that local energy authorities would rather pay you to save energy than pay power plants to produce more?

How OhmConnect works

Get alerted when its time to save energy,
usually a day in advance
#OhmHour time! Turn off a few lights, avoid running appliances - it usually lasts an hour
OhmConnect pays you based on how much energy you saved during the #OhmHour

Who's talking about us?

“Energy savings can be fun”
“...anyone can make money by lowering their energy consumption.”
“You know what's better than helping the environment? Getting paid for it.”

What Our Users Are Saying

"Not only am I making extra cash with OhmConnect, but by powering down, I’m also not incurring any costs from my utility during that time either.

I’m making money and saving money at the same time, which my husband and I can both really get behind."
- Julie, Temecula CA, earned $800 this year