Connect Devices. Earn Rewards.

August 15, 2017

Earn rewards for connecting smart devices to OhmConnect! When you connect a smart device to OhmConnect, it automatically turns off to save energy during an #OhmHour and turns back on after the event. You can always manually override and use your devices during an #OhmHour if you need to.


If your account qualifies for a rebate on a device purchased from the OhmConnect Store, you will receive your rebate in points when you connect the device. If the first smart plug or thermostat you connect is a rebate-eligible device, you will receive the rebate instead of one of the first device connected bonuses below.

First Smart Plug

500 Tokens

First Smart Thermostat

2000 Tokens

First Electric Vehicle

2000 Tokens

First Cell Phone

Connecting your phone means you get text message alerts for #OhmHours and are more likely to remember to save.

500 Tokens