FAQ: The Store

November 10, 2016

Be sure to check out our About Our Store page for an overview of OhmConnect Store policies and perks!

How can you offer such a competitive deal? At OhmConnect, we pay our members to save energy, and we get paid by the grid operators for organizing the OhmConnect community to save. When our members connect smart devices like wifi thermostats or plugs to their accounts so that they can automatically save energy during #OhmHours, our members earn more and OhmConnect does too. That seems like a pretty good thing all around, so for that reason, we are happy to offer a 5% off MSRP discount on all OhmConnect Store items (available to OhmConnect members only).

When do I qualify for a gift card? If you have a status level of Silver or higher, you can buy a gift card once you have a balance of at least 2000 points. If you are a Bronze level user and you’ve referred a user that is silver or higher, you may also purchase a gift card. When you purchase a gift card, you will receive an automatic bonus value.

How long is my OhmConnect Store Gift Card valid? OhmConnect Store Gift Cards do not expire.

What if I purchase a Gift Card but decide I'd rather have my points as cash? All gift card sales are final. Don’t see a product you’d like on our store? Drop us a line and let us know what might interest you. We’re always looking for suggestions!

Can I give my Gift Card to someone else? OhmConnect Store Gift Cards make great gifts! In order to use a gift card, you must be an OhmConnect member, so keep this in mind before sending your gift card to someone else.

Can I purchase multiple gift cards? Yes, you can purchase as many gift cards as you like. However, you cannot split up one gift card purchase into multiple cards. Each time you purchase a card, your entire current point balance will be applied to one card.

What happens if I have funds leftover on my gift card after my purchase? You retain the value of your gift card. If you make a purchase using a gift card but still have value leftover, we’ll send you another gift card equal to the value remaining on your card (and we might even add on a bit extra). You can always apply it to another purchase down the line!

How do you decide how much of a bonus to add to the gift cards? OhmConnect has calculated a special formula designed to assist users in making purchases from our Store. The bonus values added take into account how many points you’ve earned to date and how much value that has generated for OhmConnect, and we compensate you accordingly.

How do I use my gift card? All OhmConnect Store Gift Cards are electronic. Upon purchase, you are issued a unique code. When you make a purchase from the store, enter this code in the field that says “Gift card code.” We have also sent an email copy of this code for your records.

What if I lose my gift card code? Please keep the email of your gift card for your records. If worst comes to worst, you may contact OhmConnect for support locating your gift card code.

What if I forget to add my gift card code when making a purchase from the store? Email store@ohmconnect.com right away. If we catch your order before it is shipped, we can refund you and let you make your purchase again.

What's the OhmConnect Store return policy? Unopened items that are in new condition and returned within 90 days will receive a refund or exchange. Items that are opened, damaged or do not have a receipt may be denied a refund or exchange. You are responsible for determining the compatibility of devices from the OhmConnect Store with your home before you purchase and before you open the box. When you return an item from the OhmConnect Store, we ask that you pay for return shipping.

What's the OhmConnect Store shipping policy? All orders placed on the OhmConnect Store include free shipping. You will receive an order confirmation email when your order ships, which will be within 3 days of placing the order.

How do I qualify for a rebate? All members now earn a 1000 point bonus for the first smart device you connect to OhmConnect. In addition, if you buy a device on our store and have Gold or Platinum status when you connect it to your account, you qualify for bonus rebates.

Gold and Platinum members get 2500 points for each smart thermostat and 500 points for each smart plug purchased from the OhmConnect Store and connected to their accounts. Rebates will be automatically delivered to your account when you connect your device. Rebates can only be claimed on devices that are purchased from the OhmConnect store on or after November 10th, 2016.

Where do you source your items? OhmConnect has signed partnership agreements with the device manufacturers for all items sold on our store. OhmConnect searches for the most reliable and user-friendly products that enable energy control during our #OhmHours, and our team hand-picks our favorites to feature on our store.

How can my items be sold on the OhmConnect Store? OhmConnect conducts a thorough vetting process for all our partners. We have made a decision to only sell reliable products with excellent user experiences. Because our service interacts with these devices frequently, we only sell products that maintain a superior track record for online communication and response. If you believe that your product meets that criteria, please contact partners@ohmconnect.com.