FAQ: Troubleshooting

April 7, 2017

Why haven't I received my payment in my PayPal account? Please verify that your PayPal account is active and in good standing.You may also need to confirm your PayPal account. PayPal requires you to have verified your account before it will release funds. You can find instructions on how to verify your account here. Please be aware that you also must participate in, and earn from, an #OhmHour before being able to cash out or have referred another user.

How do I update my address? If you moved within the same utility company, from the Setting pages, please click "edit." Then, click Edit next to Service Account. Next, click the button that says "Reload Data from Utility." You should then be able to select your new address. 

Why has my Status Level changed? Each OhmConnect user has a Status Level, which identifies benefits for which he is eligible, among other things. Learn about the conditions needed to achieve each Status Level here. Want to know what you need to do to level up? Review your Tune-Up page.

Why am I being asked to disenroll from a competing program? California PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE users may see a notice that they need to disenroll from a competing program before they can be paid for their energy reductions. Competing programs are usually alternative Demand Response Programs (such as those offered by the utility companies), or a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) with which we do not have an agreement in place.

If you're part of a competing Demand Response Program (DRP), you will also see this information in your Settings page, and you'll be prompted to disenroll. Market regulations limit each household to one DRP at a time. If you'd like to see how OhmConnect stacks up to competing programs, check out the scorecard here:

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