Utilities That Work With OhmConnect

May 26, 2017

Electric utilities that work with OhmConnect

If you are served by an electric utility that works with OhmConnect, you can reach Silver status and earn points (redeemable for cash) for saving energy during #OhmHours.

OhmConnect members (regardless of status level) earn 2000 points ($20) for referring a friend who makes it to Silver status! You also earn 40 tokens when you refer a friend who makes it to Bronze status.

To maximize the amount you can earn from OhmConnect referrals, concentrate your invites on geographies where OhmConnect works with the electric utility. OhmConnect currently works with the following electric utilities:


1. Pacific Gas & Electric

2. Southern California Edison

3. San Diego Gas & Electric


1. Smart Meter Texas (The majority of the state of Texas is eligible to sign up for a Smart Meter Texas account. Once you have one, you can earn points for saving energy with OhmConnect!)

Ontario, Canada

1. Toronto Hydro

Don’t see your utility on this list? We encourage you to contact them! Let them know that you would like to get paid for saving energy with OhmConnect.