Wiser Smart Plugs: Setup Instructions

October 21, 2016

Congrats on your Wiser Smart Plugs purchase! You’re just a few short steps away from being automated. Remember to pick your appliances with the highest electricity use (i.e. refrigerator, clothes dryer, A/C, TV) to maximize your #OhmHour savings.

Here’s how to connect your smart plugs:


Take note of the Catchphrases on your Wiser devices, which you will need to pair them to the gateway. The Catchphrase for your Wiser Coordinator is printed on the back of the device. The Catchphrases for your Smart Plugs are printed on the box (and also on the device).


Plug your Wiser Coordinator into your wireless internet router using the ethernet cable provided in the box. (The Coordinator will sync with your OhmConnect account via WiFi, and then it will send signals directly to your Smart Plugs.)

Plug your Wiser Coordinator and Smart Plugs into power outlets to turn them on.


Log in to www.ohmconnect.com, click on the “Connect” tab, and select the “Plus” icon.


Click on the “Other Device” icon and then select “Wiser Gateway” from the list.

Enter the Catchphrase for the Wiser Coordinator and click on the “Connect” icon. A few screens will appear as your devices are being connected (if you have two Smart Plugs, for example, you should see two modules appear).


Enter the catchphrase for each of your Smart Plugs.


Edit, configure, and test your Smart Plugs, which will appear on your screen when your Coordinator is connected.

Click on the “Configure” icon and then click the pencil icon to edit the name for each plug. For example, you could name one “Kitchen Refrigerator” and one “Laundry Dryer.”

Click on “Toggle Device” to turn the switch on or off.


If devices are not connecting:

1) Unplug the device and plug back in. Repeat steps 3-5.

2) Make sure devices are close enough to each other to receive signal. We’ve found it helpful to set them all up in the same room, and then move the plugs to other locations that aren’t too far from the Coordinator.

Contact store@ohmconnect.com for further assistance.